March 22, 2010
At last you have found refuge, a place where you can call home, where 
the Insane can feel Sane again, and once again be treated 
like a normal human being.
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- Change how your statistics are calculated by using the My Preferences link.  
Your initial settings are for Manual updating.  You can choose to Automatically 
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- Add your name to any race listed in our Race Calendar. If you don't see a race 
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Thanks and Welcome to the InSane AsyLum!!!!

Welcome To The Marathon Maniacs InSane AsyLum!!!!
Hey Rod,

by long distance marathon national or international standards?? WOOOOOOOOOOWIE!  ;) 
You're setting the bar higher and higher for our future family marathoners, bro. 32 marathons 
is incredibly amazing! My hat is off to you, was actually off to you many many 
marathons ago! LOL. Your time desspite your cramping at 23 miles was terrific! You continue to
improve your timing with this Hilo marathon that you did at the tender age of 59! Amazing!;)
Do i read correctly? You plan on running another two marathons within the next 4 weeks??????????????
As your brother, journeying thru our lives side by side throughout our many years, I've always
believed deep in my mind, heart and soul that you were a 'one-of-a-kind' person/spirit that walks
on this wonderful planet of ours ........again, you're proving yourself more than worthy of this
belief that I have of you, bro. Pretty darn awesome and amazing in regards to your goal of becoming
a lifetime Gold Marathon Maniac member!!!! Take care of yourself and the very best to you 
towards this endeavor. 
CONGRATS on No. 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Rodney Maniac Pygoya Chang. WOW, even faster than last time. 
Hey, hey 2 more to follow in such narrow time range. Boy, what you're doing!! Surely understand poor E might
be a bit worried. So am I. Wish you strength, luck, success, dear Mr. Maniac.
Hey Dad,

Congratulations on finishing the Hilo Marathon!  You are definitely a
Marathon Maniac - good luck.  You continually amaze me Dad.

Back from an enlightening train journey across the US and straight back to
the school/work.  Look out for a blog post that summarizes my trip soon!