Course of the New Las Vegas Marathon
December 10, 2006


Running Photographer's introduction - These are candid photos taken during my lst trek in Sin City's "new marathon" (now start at and along the Strip).  This adventure offers a different perspective of the casinos, all lined up for miles. The first 5 miles is on the strip, then the course snakes into downtown and its casinos.  It was here that I missed the junction for half and full marathons.  I ended up going back to the Finish Line on "back" side of the Strip. The full course ends of this same segment but heads off in the suburbs after leaving Martin Luther King Boulevard.  It was dark, chilly, and windy at the start but ended up blue skies and in the parking lot of Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.  Enjoy the sights as only a marathoner could see it on this day in December.



Waiting for the Start!  16,000 full marathoners, half marathoners, and walkers all together, without separate starting times
- order in chaos




Starting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, a sponsor of the race




Approaching the Starting Line overhead banner!




The Blue Man group at the starting line!




Monte Carlo




My first break; note the Hawaiian Aloha signs and the fur-lined vest that I later dumped on the sidewalk- after the body
started generating enough heat for the chilly high 40s at the early morn start





Suddenly I'm thinking about mummies...




Obviously it's still dark but it adds to the mystery of The Sphinx




Ah, nothing refreshes like a Coke but I'd take a cup of hot coffee at the moment.







That guy was all fired up for us runners




A castle emerges along the route!  I simultaneously think of  Europe and Mickey Mouse.




Then suddenly I'm in New York!  That's roller coaster tracks.




Ah, New York, my kinda town




Now I am in Paris!




The Bellagio



Caesar's Palace to the right




The Flamingo






Celine Dion at Caesar's nightly




I'm in Vegas, baby, and I feel lucky (my cap reads "Roswell, NM")




I approach MGM





Is this all a Mirage?




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