December 9, 2005 - Honolulu


Dear Rod,

Well, you're less than two days away from going for your BIG NO. 5 marathon celebrating your brand new decade of life, bro!  Excited?  I am for you!  You are about to accomplish something that you set out to do last December; and, that is, to successfully complete FIVE marathons in one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pretty darn amazing for anyone at ANY're definitely living your life the way that you've always lived it, Rod........continually blazing new trails and 'raising the bar' for all that know you.  WOHO!  :)

Just wanted to wish you luck on Sunday morning, bro.  Was flirting with the thought of actually accompanying you on this historical run that morning.  But, when i found out that the late entry fee would be $120, well, itz definitely not affordable for me.  It would have been fun and memorable to run along side with you as you achieve this amazing goal.  Oh well.........

I would like to thank you for inspiring me to discover that i still can run the 'long''s been quite awhile since i did looooooooooooong distance running.  But, being able to 'hold on to your coat tails' on our long Sunday morning runs makes me realize that i can still do it.  Thank you for this, bro.  :)

Again, have a great run on Sunday morning.  Keep tuned into yourself as you cover the route and you'll do just fine.  I will be with you in mind, heart and spirit, bro.  Goooooooooo for it!  Take good care of yourself, Rod. 


 Brother Clay