The P.F. Chang Rock n' Roll Arizona Marathon  2007
Phoenix - Scottsdale - Tempe 

Hawaiian runner's trip to participate

13451 Rodney Chang Honolulu HI 61 M 4:52:44 4:58:12 4640 2735 53

This year was unusual. The week before hoovered around 40-60F but come marathon morning it was 29F (!!!) due to the sudden arrival of a winter storm from the Northeast, spreading across the continent even to southern California. But the race was well organized - separate starting times and finishing lines for the half and the full marathoners, many aid stations, good crowds, rock bands, and lots of food at the Finish Line. Nice medal too.


Almost time for the 7:50 am full marathon start; burrrr - 29F; t-shirt and shorts.




The TV News said Goodwill collected the tossed extra layers of clothing along the route to make about $40,000



Approaching the Starting Line



We're off and running!



"Heading for Hell" from his microphone



Heading west towards LA



Many bands in this rock n' roll marathon, one of 5 organized around the country; heard if you do them all
"you get a really big pretty medal"



Rest rooms along the way



5 miles



Many signs also in Spanish; passing Missouri Street





Guys were in the balloon baskets so I guess they took off later after I passed.



So large elegant residences along this part of the route.













A turn to the left on Camelback Street




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