A Webist's online series: 
 Volcano Marathon Art Eruption
June 2009


In July, 2007, Pygoya undertook the challenge of completing
the hazardous Volcano Marathon (Big Island, Hawaii).  What
 an opportunity to tour inside the craters and run through its
once flowing fiery lava fields, lying there thousands of years 
before his scheduled marathon attempt.  Now, exactly 2 years
later, the runner has gotten around to becoming the artist.
 True to the ideals of Webism, these works created with the
 intent to display digital fine art online exclusively.  A few will
 be in the Webist's "Nature of Art" group show (2009).

These Cyberpaintings materialized from an artist-runner's search for scenic inspiration for artwork
through participating in American city marathons.    All art  copyrighted 2005-2009 by Rodney Chang

by marathoner Rodney Pygoya Chang

Now a historic marathon as of 2008