Photos by runner Rodney Chang
2012 Copyright Pygoya

Location: Keauhou-Kona, Hawaii

Start and Finish at sponsoring hotel Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort

Photos this year feature more the folks running or assisting at aid stations rather than the course.  See previous
years for more course photos.  MAHALO to all the volunteers that helped make this run happen!




Rochelle and Calvin at start at 5:30 A.M.



















luckily there was early morning rain to remove humidity from air; also some cloud cover early on













Kona town



















1/2 marathon turnaround







where the full marathon really starts - the long highway through lava fields







the shopping center parking lot before going on the highway








take it, you'll need it



















the green grass of home







one of the leaders heading back






follow the arrows







Kona fields







thumbs up













GU guys







fellow Marathon Maniacs along the way












hard choice







shower if you like













Carl of Maui, a regular on the local Hawaii island marathons







Maniac with lots of power to go







JJ, is that you?







Jet takes off close to course, with a thundering roar



Keep on running