Big Island International Marathon
Hilo, Hawaii  - March 18, 2012

Photos by participant Rodney Pygoya Chang
all photographs copyrighted 2012 by Rodney Pygoya Chang

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This is my 3rd BI Hilo marathon.  I focused on capturing the beauty of the rain forest or the first 9 miles of the route.  It has to be the most beautiful rain forest marathon around.


Bus pick up at sponsoring Hawaiian Hilo Hotel on Banyan Drive




The shuttle buses are coming




My wife Erlinda with me at the hotel




At the community center at Peepeekeo north of Hilo




Awaiting for the 5:30am start




Knees, you can do this...




Last chance to use the portable potty




At the Start




Of over a thousand, about 225 are full marathoners





Dawn came quickly after the start





Too early for shave ice!





A early riser cheers













Previous rain but drizzle will be sporadic throughout the run and with cloud cover









First of many bridges of the rain forest





Many beautiful gushing streams 






























First view of ocean













Lots of cover from the sun, not like the second half of the course













3 miles

















It's "Cowman" who has been running Hawaii marathons since the 70s


























Inspiring scenery!
















































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