December 12, 2010
For the complete course photo review, go to Honolulu Marathon 2005

Here are more photos of the marathon from the 2010 edition



Amazing Counters
Get Well Flowers


The Start right before the cannon and fireworks





About 22000 runners, including -





Young runner from Japan





At Kapiolani Community College, about 8 miles





Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai, about 17 miles





Passing Costco and shopping center at 17 miles in Hawaii Kai





Kaiser High School cheer leaders





A friendly volunteer at an aid station





I used to play the accordion too!  Only 2nd accordionist I've seen in 37 marathons.





18 miles by Niu Valley





I met up with Fran, Rose, and Zillah (left to right) at Niu Valley; I'm heading back to Kahala (18 miles) while they are still heading to Hawaii Kai (they are going the other way, now at 13 miles or they're half marathon distance).  They eventually finish in 11 hours.





20's at Aina Haina





This energetic supporter was pounding away on those inflated noise makers and shouting encouragement - when I approached going to Hawaii Kai and when I was returning the other way back to Kahala.  High energy fellow!










Passing my high school, close to Waialae Iki





Something I hadn't seen before, having run 16 Honolulu Marathons - ice bags to cool off runners' legs (and butts).   Bags placed at 22 mile mark and midway along Kahala Avenue (23-25 mile area)





Aid station at 23 miles along Kahala Avenue




Guardians of mansion along Kahala Avenue





Triangular Park in Kahala, heading towards Diamond Head crater hill.  The crater (Koko Head Crater) in the distance is Hawaii Kai, or about 8 miles away from this park





It's hot now; poor overdressed-in-flannel Santa!





Literally multi-million dollar view





Up at Diamond Head Crater





Japanese drum beats





Ian Anderson walks the whole marathon backwards!





Coming in, finally (cramped half way through event); nice to see Erlinda and Bronson at right - thanks for coming out for my run!





The Finish Line